In this article you are going to learn about how to enable dark mode feature in a device with windows operating system installed.

Firstly let's discuss about what is dark mode?

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What is Dark Mode?

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Basically, Dark Mode is a Display Setting integrated into the user interface (UI) of an operating system which enables dark theme in a particular device.Meaning light color text are shown across dark background. In general dark colored text are shown against the light background .

So, the basics of dark mode is very simple i.e. dark background color and the light text color. Dark mode reduces the light emitted by a screen maintaining readability of the text displayed.

Darkmode came along with windows os in 2019 and it is popular among the users who work long time in front of screen or users with night usage of computers.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows?

To enable dark mode in windows you need to follow the given steps:

Step 1: Right Click anywhere in Desktop and click on Personalize.

Step 2: From the menu on left, navigate to Colors section.

Step 3: Then you can see "Choose your color" tab.

Step 4: Click on it and a dropdown menu appears, switch to "Dark".

Step 5: Check on "Transparency effects" for applying transparency effects. (Optional)

Step 6: Check on "Automatically pick an accent color from my background" for the touch of desktop background major color into your windows. (Optional)

Images for visual reference:

Image 1

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Image 2

Image 3

So these were the 4 primary steps with 2 optional steps required for enabling dark mode in windows.

What are the pros of dark mode?

  • Uses less energy resulting in improved battery life.
  • Reduces eye strain in low light environment.
  • Useful in low light conditions.
  • Less emitation of blue light.
  • Dark mode can help people with visual disorder.
  • Promotes Sleep.

What are the cons of dark mode? 

  • Text can appear to be washed out.
  • Longer battery life doesn't work in older LCD screens. OLED screen are required for less energy consumption in dark mode.

No matter the pros and cons, use of dark mode or light mode depends upon you.

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