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Google Input Tools Nepali

Google Input Tools Nepali. To Type Nepali in Computer, Google Input Tools is one of the most easiest and quickest way for this.

Google Input Tools Offline Nepali is one among the foremost useful typing tools by Google for text management and real-time translation. It allows users to effortlessly switch between one input language to another language (specific in this post: Nepali language) with a single click. This Google Input Tools Offline Nepali Software works in almost all versions of Windows OS like windows 10, windows 8,/7, XP. This software will switch the input language in a moment , enabling you access to typing in Roman Nepali. 

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This Google Input language software is extremely flexible because it enables various input methods for various languages. Install and check it on how useful it is on your System to type into another language.

How to Download Google Input Tools Nepali?

To use Google Input Tools Nepali you need to have two setup files:

1. GoogleInputTools.exe

2. GoogleInputToolsNepali.exe

In order to download both the files then you can use the download button given at the end of this post.

How to install Google Input Tools Nepali?

The downloaded file is in ZIP Format so you need to extract it using extraction softwares like WinRAR, 7-Zip or any other.

After extraction you would see a folder named "GoogleInputToolsNepali". Open that folder and you can see two setup files as:

First- Right click on GoogleInputTools.exe and open, it will be automatically installed on your computer

Second- Again right click on GoogleInputToolsNepali.exe and open. It would also be automatically installed on your computer.

Third- Restart your computer to apply the changes

How to use Google Input Tools Nepali?

After successful installation and restart, click on taskbar language change option (or you can press: Windows+Spacebar) as shown in the image:

And choose Google Input Tools to use it as primary input method and done. You can now type in nepali language so much easily.

For eg: If you want to type "नेपाल" then you can just type "nepal". It is pretty much easier and quick than typing in preeti. 

Note: We cannot just change the unicode text to preeti font. For that there is a separate article on our site. You can read it here.


Final Word

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Download Google Input Tools Nepali