In this article we are providing you a detailed guide on how to change or configure ADSL WiFi Name and Password. 

Without wasting any more time lets get into the steps.

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Step 1: Connect to your WiFi network in computer or mobile.

Step 2: Open Your Browser (eg: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc) and go to Router's Administration Page whose address is usually .(or is written in back or side of router)

Step 3: Login to your router by entering username and password (which is both admin in most of the cases)

Step 4: Go to interface setup tab and then on wireless. Then a page appears like as shown in the image: 

Step 5: Scroll down the page and the field with title SSID is your Wi-Fi Name and Pre-Shared Key is your Wi-Fi Password.

Step 6: Just modify these two fields in order to change your wifi name or password and save the settings. 

Now you're done with changing your ADSL Wi-Fi name and password.

Tips for Making Your Wi-Fi Network Strong

1. To make your password strong you should choose a complex and hard to guess password or password containing special characters, symbols, numbers, greek & latin. To make it easy to remember you can include events, occassions etc. Here's an example: $lastvlogpokharaon2019

 2. To make your wifi network more secure you should select authentication type as WPA2-PSK and encryption as AES

3. You can select Broadcast SSID as No to hide your Wi-Fi Network (Note: You have to manually add wifi network name and password to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Click here to learn more.)

4. You should select Use WPS as No to prevent your wifi networks from being hacked. A successful attack on the router's WPS function will reveal your wifi password nevertheless how's strong is your password. So it is recommended to turn off the WPS feature.

Final Word

Now you have learnt how to change ADSL Wi-Fi Password through our detailed guide i.e. how to change ADSL Wi-Fi Password.

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