Make a Simple Calculator Using Notepad : 5 Steps

Hello and welcome to our site. Today in this article I am providing you a quick guide on how to create a simple calculator in windows computer using notepad.

If you have an interest in computers and want to become a computer professional then creating a calculator using notepad is the beginning step. You can impress your friends by showing them a calculator made by you.

We can create a calculator using notepad in the computer by following the given steps:

Step 1. First, open your notepad.
Step 2. Then you need to copy the following code and paste it in your notepad

@echo off
title Calculator- Made By Himal Guragain
color 4f
echo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
echo                                              Welcome to Himal's Calculator
echo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
set /p sum=
set /a ans=%sum%
echo = %ans%
echo -------------------------------------------
echo Previous Answer: %ans%
goto top

Step 3.  You can customize the code by just replacing your name.
Step 4. After that save the file in .bat extension as shown in the image below:

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Step 5. That's it. Now you can open your calculator.bat file and get the result like shown below:

To customize the background color of the calculator you can change the color variable which is 4f in the above code.
    0 = Black                        
    1 = Blue     
    2 = Green     
    3 = Aqua     
    4 = Red       
    5 = Purple   
    6 = Yellow   
    7 = White     
    8 = Gray
    9 = Light Blue
    A = Light Green
    B = Light Aqua
    C = Light Red
    D = Light Purple
    E = Light Yellow
    F = Bright White

For example: To make your calculator background blue then you need to change 4f to 1f

Final Word

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